Healthy urban environments: More-than-human theories

Routledge Studies in Environment and Health, Routledge, Abingdon, United Kingdom

This book argues that the concept of a ‘healthy city’ means a city designed and recognised as habitat for more than just humans. It has three inter-related objectives. First, it aims to foster a greater appreciation of the animals and other non-human species and to illustrate ways of thinking, knowing and understanding cities and urban environments as more-than-human habitats.  Second, it encourages experimentation with new concepts and ideas from a more-than-human perspective and think about different interventions solutions for change. Third, in interpreting and summarising some key contributions of more-than-human thought, the book is aimed at applied researchers, scholars and students in a range of fields including health sociology, public health, human geography and urban planning and design. It is also aimed at professionals and policymakers interested in innovative ideas and concepts.

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