Natural Environments, Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure: Planning for Perth’s ‘Green’ Matrix

In: Biermann, D. Olaru and V. Paül. (Eds). Planning Boomtown and Beyond. Perth, WA: UWA Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-74258-908-4

This book chapter examined the role of urban ecosystems, and particularly native biodiversity, in providing for liveable communities in Perth. Conceptually, similarities exist between notions of ‘ecosystem services’ and ‘liveability’ as both have been used in policy and management contexts, however, little research exists identifying how these two concepts might be combined and applied in urban planning. Specifically, the authors assess the degree to which (1) biodiversity and natural environments and (2) ecosystem services and green infrastructure have been considered within past and existing urban planning frameworks for the Perth metropolitan area. This work established a baseline for future demand-side research on natural environments and green infrastructure to better inform policy makers involved in urban planning and management.

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