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Our City's Little Gems: Butterfly diversity and flower-butterfly interactions in the City of Melbourne

The Little Things that Run the City: 30 amazing insects that live in Melbourne!

The Little Things that Run the City: Insect ecology, biodiversity and conservation in the City of Melbourne

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CAUL Hub Presentations

The health and wellbeing outcomes of bringing nature back to cities: Understanding residents’ perceptions, fears and hopes: A presentation given to the Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers) Annual International Conference in London 2019.

What are we breathing? Clean air – healthier cities Presentation prepared for the Department of the Environment and Energy on World Environment Day 2019

Social and spatial effects of transforming motor vehicle fuel efficiency in Brisbane

City Futures Conference Presentation: “Bringing Multi-Perspectives to Strengthen Urban Sustainability Research, Practice and Policy”, Sweden, Oct 11 2018.

Indigenous Engagement and Participation: A presentation given to the International Association for Public Participation conference, Adelaide, Oct 17 2016.

Indigenous perspectives on the urban environment: an Indigenous-led research program

Quiet Streets and Clean Air: Street-level air quality study in SE Sydney: A presentation given by Pascal Perez at the International Symposia for Next Generation Infrastructure (ISNGI), London, Sept 2017.