Urban Biodiversity Resources


CAUL Urban Wildlife

The Living Pavilion signage

(Credits: Words by Zena Cumpston and Illustrations by Dixon Patten of Bayila Creative)
Story of place and plant story
Eel story and Bouverie Creek


Threatened Species in Urban Areas Map
City of Melbourne biodiversity portal
List of urban-restricted threatened species


Linking nature in the city
• Conservation of urban biodiversity: a national summary of local actions (PART I), INDIGI LAB Review (PART II)
The Living Pavilion research report


Indigenous plant use
The little things that run the city: 30 amazing insects that live in Melbourne
The plants of Coranderrk (Produced by Wandoon Estate Aboriginal Corporation)

Academic papers

Biodiversity sensitive urban design (BSUD)
Correcting common misconceptions to inspire conservation action in urban environments
The seven lamps of planning for biodiversity in the city
When cities are the last chance for saving species