Cities for People & Nature

The e-book, Cities for People and Nature, reflects on the CAUL Hub's key findings following six years of research. The content follows several key themes: Cities are Indigenous Places, Air Quality, Urban Greening, Urban Biodiversity and Future Cities. We hope you find it engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring, as we all prepare to tackle the many environmental and social challenges that cities will face in coming decades.

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The launch of our e-book follows an exciting series of #CitiesPeopleNature events.

Webinar showcase: Hear from our e-book authors in this special webinar recording. Researchers from a wide variety of fields showcased their findings and engaged in live Q&As throughout the day. The showcase culminated in two panel discussions curated for specific audiences within government and policy, industry and practice.

MPavilion panel: Cities for People and Nature researchers hosted a panel discussion at the MPavilion. Watch as our panellists unpack their learnings on the sustainability and liveability of our urban areas


Cities are Indigenous places

Future cities

Sounds of nature in the city 

Poorneet (Tadpole season) – frog spring

Buath Gurru (Grass-flowering season) and Garrawang (Kangaroo-apple season) – frog summer

Waring (Wombat season) – frog autumn and winter

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Multimedia content

Video one - Cities are Indigenous places 

Video two - Future cities 

Audio clips - Sounds of nature in the city 

Key terms