The Living Pavilion

The Living Pavilion (1 May - 17 May 2019) is a transdisciplinary project connecting Indigenous knowledge, ecological science, sustainable design and participatory arts.

The Living Pavilion is CLIMARTE’s ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 festival hub, fostering a sense of community through collaborative making and celebration. Located in 2019 on the future site of the New Student Precinct at the University of Melbourne’s, Parkville Campus, The Living Pavilion will be a platform for celebrating Melbourne’s eclectic flora and fauna, as well as hosting events and performances by local Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders, artists and scientists.

The project is envisioned as a recyclable, biodegradable, edible and biodiverse event space that celebrates Indigenous knowledge systems, ecological science and sustainable design through participatory arts practice. It is also a key research and knowledge translation project.

We will be using The Living Pavilion as a “Living Lab” - to test, monitor and engage students, stakeholders and the general community in a range of urban greening, biodiversity, place making, social science, art and design research.

The Living Pavilion is a collaboration between the CAUL Hub, Thrive Research Hub and The University of Melbourne’s New Student Precinct. The Living Pavilion will take place on the site of the future home of the Melbourne University's Institute for Indigenous Development, Murrup Barak, with plantings, artworks, performances, talks and gathering spaces that celebrate the natural environment.

Further plant cultural and ecological history (by Zena Cumpston) COMING SOON. 

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CAUL Hub Events and Research

CAUL Hub Talk Series: a series of three panel discussions, bringing together diverse experts from the CAUL Hub and wider stakeholders. All talks were live-streamed on CAUL Hub's Facebook page.

#1 Indigenous City (part 1 and part 2)

#2 Nature in the City

#3 Liveable Cities

Frog Fest: three days of all things frogs, produced by CAUL Hub Leader Kirsten Parris. Frog Fest was an all-ages event, including dress-ups, face painting, craft, choir and a soundscape (also produced by Kirsten Parris).

Research: full details on all the research being conducted through The Living Pavilion can be found over on the Place Agency website. CAUL Hub research includes:


The Living Pavilion signange - words by Zena Cumpston

CAUL Hub Talk 2: Nature in the City. Sitting beneath the Gathering Tree.
Luis Mata conducting an insect survey at The Living Pavilion site.

Story of Place / Plant Story

Eel story / Bouverie Creek