Track Australia’s possums and gliders with the Urban Wildlife App

In collaboration with our colleagues in the NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub, we are now calling on citizen scientists to help us learn more about Australia’s possums and gliders by tracking sightings in the Urban Wildlife App.

Australia has 27 species of possums and glider, with almost a quarter listed as threatened. Urban habitats are vitally important for many threatened species, including the critically endangered western ringtail possum located in Perth and south-west Western Australia. Possums and people can also be in conflict in urban areas, so understanding how possums and gliders are using urban environments is a key step in managing conservation of these species.

In addition to possums and gliders, the Urban Wildlife App can be used to track sightings of frogs, flying foxes, and beneficial insects. The app is available for free from Google Play and the App Store.

Featured image credit: Adam Foster, via Flickr. 


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