Improving our understanding of clean, healthy urban environments

Climate change mitigation, resilient built environments and functional green space – these were just some of the key topics explored at the 2019 State of Australian Cities Conference (SOAC 2019).

As part of the conference, the CAUL Hub led a special two-part session titled ‘Improving our understanding of clean, healthy urban environments’.

Deputy CAUL Hub Leader Associate Professor Joe Hurley and Dr Bryan Boruff chaired the session and discussed the impacts of urban development on tree cover in Melbourne and Perth, respectively.

Dr Judy Bush explored the voices of urban green space managers, what they say, what processes they work through, and the implications this has for urban greening.

Dr Chayn Sun spoke about fine-grained heat data and how it can be used to map lower temperature routes for cyclists and pedestrians.

Finally, Dr Natasha Pauli shared research about the social and ecological values of native verge gardens. Read more about the conference and topics from other CAUL researchers here.

Image: Dr Bryan Boruff presenting at SOAC

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