A Clean Air Plan for Sydney

While air pollution in Sydney is generally less severe than in many comparable cities globally, there is evidence that exposure to air pollutants, even at low levels, can be a threat to population health. The CAUL Hub co-designed a program of research with key stakeholders, including the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, to fill gaps in our understanding of air quality in Australia’s largest city.

A Clean Air Plan for Sydney draws together the current understanding of air quality in Sydney, the latest air quality research, and critical evidence-based recommendations. Researchers found concentrations of air pollutants in Sydney, like in many Australian cities, are dominated by anthropogenic emissions.

The report recommends reducing emissions at the source, using greener energy sources and educating the public to reduce their individual exposure. The research has led to improved air quality modelling, and informed State Government strategies on climate change, transport and energy. 

Image: Air quality captured in Sydney on December 10, 2019 during the bushfire crisis.

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