Creating The Living Pavilion soundscape

The Living Pavilion team were excited to facilitate sound recordings today with Mandy Nicholson and the Djirri Djirri Dancers – to be used as part of the soundscape for The Living Pavilion. Even more exciting, Lou Bennett (internationally acclaimed performer and songwriter) dropped in.

The Djirri Djirris sing of Country, Creation and culture and we are honoured to be given permission to use and share the recordings made in the studio with all those who visit The Living Pavilion later this year. Woi Wurrung language on Woi Wurrung Country.

Language is embedded in all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, and language, especially language which is sung, has always been a fundamental part of knowledge transmission. This year is the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Long may they be an umbilical cord between our past, present and future. Indigenous languages are at the forefront of First People’s ways of knowing and call out to be celebrated, re-awakened, reinvigorated and nurtured so that they may nurture us. 

Special thanks to the Djirri Djirri Dancers (especially Mandy Nicholson), Cathy Oke (CAUL Hub), Professor Mark Pollard (Melbourne Conservatorium of Music), Alex Beck and the Brian Brown Recording Studio for making this happen.

–  Zena Cumpston, CAUL Hub Research Fellow.

Featured image: L-R, sound technician extraordinaire Alex Beck, Lou Bennett, Sally-Anne Hunter, Jedda and Mandy Nicholson. 

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