Future urban vehicle fleet

Innovative data use and modelling is helping uncover important questions around social justice in our urban vehicle fleets.

As part of CAUL Hub’s project ‘Urban Systems for Liveability,’ Professor Jago Dodson and Dr. Tiebei (Terry) Li are researching the uptake of fuel-efficient vehicles in our cities – providing critical information on their distribution, affordability and accessibility to inform future policy. Their initial study mapped out the spatial patterns of VFE changes and modelled the level of household fuel savings from the VFE improvement. This research showed an uneven uptake of fuel-efficient vehicles across the city: inner urban areas, typically made up of wealthier households, have experienced higher level of VFE change, while people in the outer and fringe suburbs, typically less-affluent households, have showed lower VFE change.

Read more on pages 3-4 in the latest Urban Beat.

Featured image: Jago Dodson and Terry Li. Credit: Chanel Bearder

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