Conducting and sharing research at The Living Pavilion

The CAUL Hub is presenting and conducting research in a range of ways through The Living Pavilion: panel discussions with key stakeholders; stories, graphics and a soundscape on site, and research projects before, during and after the installation. The Living Pavilion’s research partner Place Agency have just launched a new webpage, detailing all the different subprojects being conducted through The Living Pavilion.

From CAUL Hub, Luis Mata, Leila Farahani and Cecily Maller are researching the social and ecological benefits of bringing nature back into cities through a series of insect surveys at the site; Zena Cumpston and Kirsten Parris are looking at enhancing eco-literacy through temporary event spaces and whether The Living Pavilion fostered understanding of Indigenous knowledge systems; and Christina Renowden is researching the impact of an arts-science experience on people’s perceptions of urban ecology and the importance of biodiversity in a temporary space.

For more information, you can access the full program here.

Featured image: Luis Mata conducting an insect survey at The Living Pavilion site.

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