Creating Liveable Cities report awarded National Research Excellence Award

Last week, the Creating Liveable Cities report was awarded the Planning Institute of Australia’s National Research Excellence Award. This is a massive team effort from RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research, UWA and ACU (funded by CAUL Hub, The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre and NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence  in Healthy Liveable Communities), that builds on seven years of liveability research.

The report examines seven domains of a city’s liveability that also promote the health and wellbeing of Australians – walkability, public transport, public open spaces, housing affordability, employment and the food and alcohol environments. In doing so, it is the first “baseline” measure of liveability in Australia’s state and territory capitals.  Dr Melanie Davern and Carl Higgs from the Healthy Liveable Cities Group and the CAUL Hub/RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research are currently investigating the extended application of these liveability indicators in regional areas of Australia and will release liveability indicators for Australia’s largest 21 cities via the RMIT’s Urban Observatory in August 2019.

You can access the full Creating Liveable Cities report here and findings in brief here.

Featured image: Dr Lucy Gunn, Carl Higgs and Julianna Rozek collecting the PIA Award on behalf of the team.

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